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Three Stages of Human Life

(Luke 16:19-31) / Ezra Kim, Ph.D.

If we believe the testimony of the Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ, we know that physical death is not the end of life, but the beginning of a new stage of eternal life. Now, if you believe in the Word of God, you will realize that there are three stages of human life. 1) the 1st stage of human life (Fetus): in mother’s womb / 9~10 months 2) the 2nd stage of human life: on earth / 70~80 years or 120 years 3) the 3rd stage of human life: in heaven / eternal The circumstances of the first stage life have a great influence on the quality of the second stage life. Likewise, the eternal quality of life in the third stage is determined by what you believe and do in the life of the second stage.

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