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Mission Statement

A.   Objectives

a.  To strongly emphasize the growth of each student’s spiritual life and intellectual development.

b.  To train and equip Christian workers not only with a Bible-centered curriculum in a spiritual and prayer-charged environment, but also through serving in local church ministries alongside experienced workers.

B.   Purposes

a.  Practice a life of faith and trust in Him completely.

b.  Train godly characters and personalities as His workmen.

c.  Know the importance and burdens of missions.

d.  Learn to lead the church attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.

e.  Understand the Bible and correctly handle the Word of truth.

f.  Analyze the background and various philosophies of this generation.

g.  Be peaceful with others and become noble instruments for the Lord.

C.   Methods

a.  Guide the students to be able to study, analyze, and communicate the Bible skillfully and effectively through the training of counseling, teaching, preaching, evangelism, missions, and music according to individual gifts and calling.

b.  Provide opportunities for local ministry and encourage the students to engage in a variety of ministries in the local churches as they put into actual practice what they are learning in the classroom.

c.  Between semesters, there will be special workshops conducted by professionals directed at teaching certain skill sets that assist students in fulfilling our objectives in preparing for Christian service.

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