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Words from President

President: Dr. John Hao

Theological training is a way to encourage deeper church life and build up workers, so that the kingdom Gospel can be spread effectively. Below is how the seminary was established and the history of developing theological education:

How Faith Bible Seminary started : In March 1995, God provided a vision to begin an organization of faith, in hope that through this organization, revivals would take place in the Chinese churches, this organization was named “Faith Bible Inc. / Associations", just like the name, this organization serves God purely by faith, based on the biblical standards to operate its ministries; Faith Bible Inc. has already been approved by the New York State and Federal Government as a non-profit organization, its ministry includes seminary training, missions and church planting. Through the experiences of pastoring church and seminary teaching, we can see that the needs in today’s Chinese churches, all Christians must be equipped to minister to others effectively. And training workers in the ministry has long lasting impact on building the church.

Curriculum : Praise God, we have a good academic system. The seminary has degree programs such as Master of Divinity, Master of Arts in Biblical Studies, Bachelor of Arts in Bible, and Certificate in Biblical Studies Program. In order to equip full-time ministers, the seminary offers courses in many areas such as theology, biblical languages, practical theology (especially in preaching and hermeneutics), books in the Bible, church history, biblical counseling and etc. In addition, the seminary invites visiting faculty to teach intensive course, who came from Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Columbia Theological Seminary, Northwestern University, Talbot Seminary, and faculties from seminaries in Taiwan. Because our seminary is located in North America, we also encourage students to take some courses in English.

Move forward with faith : The most important factor of establishing and develop a seminary is faith. The staff of the seminary should have a united heart and faith to face the future. In 2016 the seminary has been accepted as a full member of Asia Theological Association.

In order to promote theological training, the seminary will go forth to difference regions and countries to provide trainings based on the needs. The success of the seminary is to be able to assist local churches’ spiritual growth; if the students who are trained can serve more effectively in the church, this is a cooperative effort between seminary and the local churches, the result is that God’s kingdom will prosper.


The role of Faith Bible Inc. is to witness for the Lord in this age. Faith Bible Inc. does not belong to any denomination or organization; its ultimate goal is to establish local churches based on Biblical truth to evangelize to the entire world.


We especially feel a heavy burden for this ministry because the needs of Chinese churches in the East Coast, both Chinese speaking congregations and English speaking congregations, but also are greatly increasing. Yet we believe our Lord, who entrusts His work to us, will accomplish it through His all-sufficient grace.

From year 2020 all courses are open online at ZOOM. Any student with Internet access can take FBS courses and complete the FBS degree program.

His Servant,



Rev. John E. Hao

Founder & President

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