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General Information

A.   Address of Application




B.   Application Procedures

a.   Submit the application form, two reference forms (one of a pastor, the other of a

      Christian friend), and a health history form (An application packet can be

      obtained from FBS Website or FBS admission office).

b.   Submit all copies of official transcripts and diplomas from all previous post-

      secondary educational institutions that the applicant has attended. If the

      applicant has not previously attended college, he/she has to submit a high

      school transcript or equivalent from an educational institution that he/she has


c.   Submit a copy of personal testimony of the applicant’s Christian experience

      (being born again and being called in the ministry of the Lord – about 1,000

      words altogether).

d.   Submit a recent photograph of the applicant.

e.   A non-refundable US$50.00 application fee.

f.   A statement for the spouse of married student that he/she is a Christian and is

      willing to support the student’s study in Faith Bible Seminary. (Only for M.Div.)


C.   Fees

a.   Tuition: US$190.00 per credit hour. (Temporarily, US$150.00 during Pandemic)

b.   Tuition Refunds: Students who find it necessary to drop regular semester

      courses or discontinue school after registration and who complete the    

      necessary forms for that purpose will be granted refunds according to the

      following scale:

Screen Shot 2022-01-04 at 6.37.14 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-01-04 at 5.21.14 PM.png

School Semesters

a.  Two semesters (Fall and Spring) per school year.

b.  Fall semester: September – December.

c.  Spring semester: February – May.

d.  12 weeks per one semester (including Mid-Term and Final Examinations).

e.  Intensive Courses are offered during summer and winter intervals.

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