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Encounters with the Holy Spirit

2 Credits

07/25/2022 - 0729/2022

NY Time : 9am - 12pm

About the Course

In this class we will focus on living a Spirit-filled life. The Spirit-filled life is a life of experiences and encounters with the Spirit, who is God’s Empowering Presence. We will look closely at:
• The nature of the Spirit within Trinitarian theism
• The baptism and fullness of the Holy Spirit
• Spiritual discernment, and being led and spoken to by the Spirit
• How to hear the voice of the Spirit
• Ourselves as temples of the Holy Spirit
• Manifestations of the Holy Spirit, to include gifts of healing
• How to pray for the sick
• A Spirit-filled life is a supernatural life
• The difference between experience of the Spirit and theories of the Spirit

Your Instructor

Dr. John Piippo

Dr. John Piippo

PhD in Philosophical Theology / Northwestern University
Senior Pastor / Redeemer Fellowship Church, Michigan
Adjunct Professor / Palmer Theological Seminary

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