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Accidental Homicide & God’s Irrational Rationality

Numbers 35:28 / Ezra Kim, Ph.D.

Accidental Homicide & God’s Irrational Rationality -City of Refuge & Death of the High Priest- God has given us the Torah (= the Law). The Law is like a city of refuge. It temporarily protects those who stay in it. It cannot save anyone who crosses its boundaries from death. There is no real freedom in the Law. The Law always reminds those who live in it of their sins. Only the death of the High Priest opens the door to true freedom. Jesus Christ is the High Priest, the Anointed One whom God has appointed. It sounds irrational that an unintentional murderer could leave the city of refuge and return home unharmed when the High Priest dies. But I can see God’s rationality in this irrational regulation. It is the wisdom and rationality of God that linked the absolute freedom of the accidental murderer with the death of the High Priest. I have no reason to doubt or hesitate because of my rationality.

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